Some emails not appearing in the inbox

I am noticing that not all my incoming emails are being received by eM Client. I have checked my Inbox, All Mail, and Unread folders with no luck. It is pretty random. A person can send me two emails within 30 minutes of each other and only one of them appears within eM Client. I can see the incoming emails in Google Mail and Message+ on my Android based phone. Not sure what settings to adjust within eM Client to correct this. My IMAP and SMTP settings are correct. 

Sounds like you are using Gmail, which generally works flawlessly with eM Client.  Just a stupid question-- are you by chance using conversation mode?  Conversations by default will be grouped on one line in the message list, so it may appear as if messages aren’t getting through.  All messages will appear, however, in the reading pane.

To test this, go to menu/tools/settings/mail/read and check “Disable conversations”.  Then check to see if the missing messages now appear.  If they do, you can:

1.  Leave conversations disabled,
2.  Check "Show conversations in message detail only.  This shows each separate email in the message list, but still groups them in conversations in the reading pane or
3.  Understand the conversation mode in all views and get used to it.

Hope this helps.

I appreciate the support. Based on your advice, I selected the Disable conversations option. Hopefully that takes care of the problem.