some emails in local inbox not displaying after imported from another PC

Copied about 4 years worth of inbox emails from Outlook on an older PC to a thumb drive. Then, copied/imported that file (probably .eml but not sure) to eM Client Inbox. Inbox in “local folders” shows that about 11 thousand items are in that Inbox folder. Email description and content (including attachments) are there but the oldest that displays is from a date about two years ago. The full list covers about four years. I do not archive email on my PCs. All my email is routed through ATT/Yahoo mail but I keep full copies of all email in my PCs (not online). My web mail at ATT/Yahoo is deleted after 3 months. So, the copying from the PC to the thumb drive; then to eM Client Inbox clearly worked. I have explored some ideas, e.g. copying the full Inbox local folder file to the Inbox folder under my email address. That just created a second copy of the emails in the original Inbox “local” folder.

Since I am new to eM Client, I initially tested it (using the pro version) and then decided to use the free version (since all my email from various addresses is routed via the ATT/Yahoo service to one email address). Could that be causing a problem (e.g. since I used a gmail account address for my initial testing) but have enabled only my main address now that I’m using the free version?

Also, I have no use for separate “local” folders or “smart” folders. Can you point my to an explanation re how to delete them? I want all email (inbox and sent) to be available under my main email account folders.

Thanks in advance. I like eM Client so far (better than Outlook or Thunderbird or Mailbird) but as you see am a relatively “naive” user.

John A.

Hello John,
you can disable the Local and Smart folder in the Tools>Settings>General section. Just uncheck the 'Show Local folders" and “Show Smart folders” options.

As for your query, changing the main address from the testing one should cause no issue.

The loading of you messages is strange though. Are you sure all the message files were EML? Arent the older emails in different format perhaps? Have you tried importing some of the older files separately into a new folder to see if it imports correctly?


Olivia, Thanks for the quick response. I’m not certain these emails are in .eml format and will do some checking and experimentation over the weekend. Could be a problem “copying” the emails from my old system using Windows (?) but I used exactly the same procedure with my “Sent” file and all emails copied and display properly in eM client. Also, the dates of the emails in the Sent file are from 2011 to the present. What I can view in my eM Client Inbox only displays email back to Dec. 2014. So, the only obvious difference is in the number of emails, i.e. 11 thousand for the Inbox vs 7 thousand for the Sent file. Anyway, will do some more investigation over the weekend. Hope you have a great 4th weekend! JA


Hope your 4th was great. To continue, I experimented using your suggestions, but first: When I copy these emails from my old PC using Outlook to a flash drive, the format on the copied files on the flash drive is “Outlook .msg”. When I then copy those files into the eM Client files (e.g. Inbox or Sent), the files on the new PC indicate that the format has been changed to “eM client .eml”.  This procedure seemed to work for all Sent emails (dating back to 2011) but not for all of my Inbox emails.  To review, I have about 7 thousand Sent emails. I’m not sure how many Inbox emails are in the Outlook Inbox email file, but eM Client indicates that I have a bit over 11 thousand Inbox emails. However as noted the eM client Inbox emails only display back to 2014 (not all the way back to 2012 which is where they start in the Outlook file).

So, I used your suggestion and copied the oldest Inbox email, using the same procedure again, to eM Client (and did this both for the “Local folders Inbox” as well as the Inbox listed for my email address. I tried copying separately to each Inbox because the copy to the Local Folders Inbox file worked but again does not show up in the Inbox for my main email account. [Previously, I had tried to copy “all” files in the Local folders Inbox by selecting “Select All” and the using eM Client’s “Copy to folder” function as well as a direct copy. Those experiments only succeeded in duplicating the Local Folders Inbox list while not showing the older emails. So, it appears that I can get all the Inbox emails in my personal email Inbox folder using this procedure (perhaps breaking the file up into smaller groups).

That is, I can delete everything from the eM Client Local folders Inbox and start over, e.g. copying the Outlook Inbox emails directly to my personal email address Inbox folder. However, this is time consuming and a bit awkward. It also seems like eM Client should have a method to transfer and/or consolidate emails from one folder to another? So, I would appreciate any further suggestions or comments before I proceed.

Thanks again. John A.