some email and calender wasn't syn to eM Client.

I notice some of my email and calender do not sync to the eM client.

I can see the mail and calender via my gmail on the website, but not in the eM client.

Hi, could you tell me if you see any error message? Are all those emails and events synchronized on Google calendar and Gmail?


There wasn’t any error message at all. I notice that because I also sync my gmail and calender to my mobile phone.

Some some mails and calender event was shown in mobile phone, but some not. But my mobile phone is sync with Google Calender and Gmail perfectly.

I also notice there is one events, after I updated the events date, the events will only shown in Agenda view, but not other view.

Can you tell me if it is still not synchronized? And if so then what protocol for message synchronization do you use?