some beginner questions

I have installed em client and now I have 3 questions:

In the mail overwiew the client makes categories for the emails like “today”, “yesterday”, “last week”,… Is it possible to deactivate this categories?

I am using em client with my imap email account. When I open some folders/emails em client save the mails local on my harddisk (completely normal). Is it possible to delete this local messages from time to time because I don’t want that the messages are saved “for ever” on my harddisk. When I delete all “*.dat” files in my local user folder I have to create my imap account again. So this is don’t working.

Is it possible to configure the date in the “send column”? I prefer always view like “11.06.2014” and not “11. Juni”.

Thanks a lot,

Hi Julia,

  1. yes you can, just right click on the “Sorted by…” item above the list of emails and deselect “Show in groups”.

  2. definitely don’t delete any of the .dat files, these files are eM Clients database and contain all your data, thus deleting can result in a broken database or you would simply just set up your client everytime you do this.
    Unless you have Download messages for offline use option checked, your emails are only cached within these database files and they should not contain any of your email data. There’s no other folder where the emails could be deleted from.

  3. Not completely sure what do you mean… can you make a screenshot of the send column you mentioned?

Hope this helps, thank you,

Hi Paul,
thank you for the reply.

I found the option and it works fine!

OK, this would be very nice if the data is only cached in the database. The option “download for offline use” is not activated. But I am wondering why some of the dat files get bigger and bigger. When this is only a cache the files should not get bigger and bigger or not? I there an option to clean the cache?

I mean the mail overview with “from”, “to”, “subject”,… In the column “gesendet” (sent) the date is shown when message received. Message from yesterday is “10. Juni” but message from last year is “15.12.2013”. I prefer always “”. This is only a very small optical “problem”.


Hi again Julia,
actually to #2 , sorry I was wrong.
Once you open eM Client and new emails are downloaded all headers of these emails are in the database, once you click on the email and open it, even the body is saved in the database.

There is an option to clear the database, but it’s not the best solution, If you right click your mail folder (for example) inbox and select Properties > Repair and click on the repair button, all your emails from that folder will be deleted from the database and again only headers will be downloaded, but once you click on the email, the body will be downloaded again.

Using this procedure, the database will still remain large for a while, but it will lower the size of itself over time, or we have a tool (that I can send you if you want) that will speed up the process of reducing the size after you do the repair.

You can do that in Tools > Settings > Mail > Read and check the option “Show full date” under “Message list”.

Hope this helps,

Hi Paul,

thanks again for your fast answers. #3 is working now. Very nice!!

Also working. After I “repaired” the folder, the dat files are very small again. Perhaps this would be a nice feature for the future to have a menu entry like “clear cache”.

For understanding: Everybody who gets access to the pc/laptop can easily take a look in my emails with the dat files even if i set a master password to em client. So when using IMAP it would be very nice if the mails in the cache are cleared from time to time. Or everytime when closing em client (as option).


Hi Julia, I’ll check with the developers if that might be an option in future releases.
However getting any information from the database files would be pretty difficult, so no not anyone can access the data, and if you password protect your database, even if somebody would copy your database the data would still be password protected.

Another solution, if you have privacy concerns, would be encrypting your emails.

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

thank you very much. Only for example: When I open the file “mail_data.dat” with windows notepad, I can see some of my emails in plaintext without using any password. It is not so easy to find a special mail or complete conversation but the mail text can be viewed by anyone who has access to computer.

So it would be nice if optional this cache is cleared when closing em client.


Hi again, thank you for the suggestion, I’ll check with the developers if this could be improved in future releases.
But also this is where the email encryption would come in handy or you can encrypt your windows but when someone has an access to your account that would be no help either.

Thank you for understanding,