Some addresses change a character in them

Last week I started using em Client.  My gmail is directed there. My address book was recognized and all was well.  However,  in the last few days some of my addresses have been changed by one character.  For instance  turned into  -  changed to

Of course I’m getting error messages about unable to send. These subtle changes were hard to detect with a character change so similar to the correct one.

I like the format of em Client,  but if I can’t resolve this issue,  I will have to dump em Client.

My gmail online is correct.

Thx for any help on this matter.

Hi Bill, can you please explain where exactly did these changes appear? What version of eM client are you currently using? Can you make a screenshot of the issue?

Thank you,

Sorry Paul,  I changed back to my old email client and uninstalled em Client.  I deleted the fouled emails. Everything is working as it should now.

Hi again Bill, I’m sorry to hear that, but if you ever come back to eM client, and have any further question regarding the application, make sure to let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,