Solid red line at 11:20 PM everyday for many years

I usually use the Month view. However, it said there was 1 event on a day, but nothing was scheduled that day. It showed no event within the cell (which would be “1 more event” link was superfluous), there was no event in Day view, yet the Month view cell said there was an event. No event, but there was a “1 more event” link in the Month view cell. If there was 1 event as it stated, it should show in the month view (and NOT show the “1 more event” link to Day view).

Okay, so there was no [hidden] event on that day in month view (eventually it disappeared when bouncing around the calendar), but I noticed a solid red line at about 11:20 PM. There was a little circle at the left end (along the left edge of the Day view chart), like it was a handle (but it isn’t), and the solid red line is only a few pixels high. I cycled through 5 years of past days, and the red line was at that time mark every day. It is not clickable to see what event might be scheduled that has zero duration. It cannot be dragged. Right-click doesn’t show a property dialog for it. I went through Calendar settings to see if something might be marking that time for every day, but found nothing. The granularity is 1-hour intervals, I cannot see any properties for the red line, so I’m just guessing based on approximate position of the red line that it is around 11:20 PM. Could be 11:10 but looks less than halfway positioned, so less than 11:30 PM. It is showing for every day of every week of every month of every year (I went back only 5 years to see if it eventually disappeared).

What is the unmarked no-property red line mean in the Calendar’s day view? A solid red line through every day should mean something, but what?

By the way, when I was using 30 minutes for granularity in Day view, the position of the solid red line was around 11:20 PM. After changing the granularity to 1 or 24 hours, the red line changed position, and looks to be around 11:40 PM (even after switching back to 30-minute granularity).

In addition, I thought (in past versions) when there were more events than can be listed per cell in month view that hovering over the “N more events” link would popup a list of the hidden events, and I could also double-click on an event in the popup list to edit it. Now I can only double-click on a displayed event to edit it. The “N more events” links takes me Day view where then I can double-click on the event to edit. Now, when hovering over the “N more events” link (at the bottom of a cell), nothing pops up anymore to show the hidden events, and instead the link takes me to the Day view. I want a list of events per day for a cell (day) in Month view, not have to switch to Day view. In Month view, I expect to see an overview for a day, not forced to Day view for a detailed view for a day. If I liked Day view, that would be my choice for default. I want Month view, and I want to stay in Month view.

I could not find a bug reporting link or web page. I was going to search on the Calendar component to see if the above were already known (reported) defects, but couldn’t find Bugzilla or some other bug ticketing system for me to do a search. Is eM Client Inc one of those software vendors that thinks hiding bug reports makes their product look better? Hiding them just has users assume there are lots of bugs, not that there are none.