So the home page has a photo of MACBOOK AIR, but there is no MAC version?

So you have a MACBOOK AIR in your home page, but you ACTUALLY DO NOT have mac version of this software???

Is this not called deceitful advertising??? misleading the public?

You know even crosseyed people knows this is a macbook air right???

Am I wrong? Please clarify…

we are aware of this little discrepancy, but it is only graphic matter. Since we do not advertise anywhere that eM Client is for MAC we believe that it is not deceitful advertising. There is explicitly stated that eM Client is for Windows only.

But here’s the issue, I’m a Mac user. I went to your homepage and saw the mac and never questioned compatibility. Now after purchasing it I have to go through the refund process. 

It is not simply a graphic matter, it is a matter of providing incorrect information via a graphic.  

The “Best email client for Windows” currently only has a Windows version available for download. The Mac version is in beta testing.

I am surprised though, that you did not download the application and test it before purchasing.