So close to be good...

Guys, you are so close to be good. Only a few things missing. Here is the list:


  1. Make the calendar more beautiful - see Apple

  2. Allow changing font size in calendar - see Apple

  3. Start the week today, not on Monday or Sunday - see Apple

  4. Give the compose message sender a color so that it can be easily recognized - see Apple

  5. Couldn’t find a way to give the various mail accounts a different background color

  6. In the compose message field make a quick button to change the language for auto correction. - Apple does the auto correction on the fly. No need to pick the language

3: this should be customizable and not statically set as currently
4: The current day should be marked more prominent.

2: That would be fine. Many Android Apps, if not all, give us this possibility

You know these wishes never come true…emClient does not recognize the users wishes very well.