Snooze email feature

Now that gmail has joined multiple other 3rd party clients in adding a snooze email feature, is this a feature on the horizon for eM Client? The functionality would be to hide or mark an email as read for a determined period of time before becoming active again.

The Snooze Mail Feature. As it is now known by GMail. Mailbird has already implemented it, hopefully soon the EM-Client.

emClient is a great tool, but unfortunately, the company is taking too long to implement this snooze functionality for emails. This is a reality in GMail and all competitors of emClient for desktop applications. Please emClient team, listen to your users and arrange this as soon as possible.

This feature has now been implemented in 8.0.1194 beta.

Thanks for the info. it is not yet in the Release History, but I was able to download it anyway.