SMTP Issues

I have eM client set up on a Windows 10 laptop (ver. 7.0.27943.0) and am having an issue sending email via SMTP. I have the same account setup in K9 mail on Android and Thunderbird in Linux and can send via SMTP from both of these, so suspect the issue is in how I am set up with eM client. What I wanted to check before calling this a problem is whether the password is encrypted for SMTP login. I ask because I had the same error on Thunderbird which was fixed by selecting normal instead of encrypted password along with “use SSL/TLS if Possible”

Hello Andy,

Yes, it is possible that your SMTP settings need to be different. If you have a Gmail account, could you try Port 587 with ‘Force Usage of SSL/TLS’? You can also try turning off your antivirus/firewall and see if that solves your issue. If it does, please add eM Client to exceptions.

If this doesn’t help, could you please post a screenshot of your settings? If you get any errors, could you please also post a screenshot?

Thank you,

I needed to use ‘legacy’ setting.