SMTP Connection Failure Confusion

Multiple users experience SMTP connection failures that last between 10 seconds and slightly over a minute. Usually, dismissing the warning will cure the issue but sometimes, it will last longer and impact sending if already in the process. Canceling the send can fix this. Rebooting the program can fix this.

I cannot figure out why eM Client does this continually. We know all of our mail settings are correct. It always seems to only happen with eM Client. There are no outages on our mail server at those times. Is this a known bug?

It’s frustrating because it occurs daily for most of our users.

SMTP Error eM Client

If other mail clients send ok on the same computer, this is generally caused by either incorrect SMTP settings in eM Client or possibly an outdated eM Client version that may need updating, or something locally installed delaying or interfering with the mail client sending.

What’s your SMTP server settings ?

Also what version of eM Client do you have ?

Lastly if you have any eg: Optional Firewall / Security programs or Optional Antivirus programs, or Optional VPN’s, try completely disabling those to test to see if it’s any of those causing it.