SMTP connect failure - Discard message?

I’m using Migadu for a mail service (awesome, btw) and have upgraded to the paid version, so I have unlimited outbound messages…  this is relevant because every once in a while I get a failure to connect to SMTP from eM Client – which could happen for a sundry of reasons.

My problem is what happens afterwards – unless I’m missing something.

So you compose an outgoing message – you hit SEND – you get a failure notice with no option to retry – and then you dismiss the message.

Your e-mail message is not sent.  It was not received by the intended target.  It is not in drafts… so… wtf?  

If SMTP fails to connect you LOSE the outgoing message??

Please tell me that I’m just not looking in the right place.


P.S.  I love eM Client other than this minor thing.

The message should remain in the Outbox until the server replies that it has received it and then it is moved to the Sent folder, but sometimes the server is mis-configured and it doesn’t send the correct response. 

Right-click on Smart Folders and choose Display > Outbox, then check if it is in the Smart Folder Outbox.

Thanks Gary!   There is only an Outbox for my Local Folders, and it is empty.   There is no outbox for my remote  mail server account.    UPDATE: in the past 15 minutes I just saw that it showed up in my SENT items… which means:  A) it probably WAS in the Outbox hiding all this time.   B)  There is no problem.

Thank you for the insight.  I think this mystery is solved!

SOLVED!   Thanks Gary!