Smart Folders missing in Version 8?

What’s happened to Smart Folders. It was my first goto every morning, easy way to respond quickly to new messages, now - nothing.
Also when you go to Help and search it’s for Version 7??? Searching around for a solution I see an opening for “Global Unread Mail” maybe that’s the solution. Select it but it tells you you must have Global folders enabled. Can’t find any reference to Global Folders in the Settings…

Maybe it’s my age, getting older but I do sense a little bit of, let’s get this new version released.

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They can be activated from within the ‘Favourites’ folder apparently.

You just made my day…thank you

I couldn’t find Smartfolders for a while. However, soon after I did I rolled back to version 7 and will stay here until all this chaos is sorted out. Version 8 seems to have so much wrong with it perhaps they should withdraw it and work on a stable replacement and call it version 9. It’s a shame, eMC 7 is such a comprtent product, no other client can touch it in my opinion. They have really blotted their copybook with this new release.