smart folders do not show email quantity for each smart folder

In the Contents website, all the smart folders show email quantity for each smart folder but the actual eM Client program does not.

Could you please post here a screenshot?

Creating a Search Folder

You have three options how to create a search folder. You can either click on Edit -> Find from the Menu (shortcut Ctrl + Shift + F) and define the rules for a new search folder or you can right-click on the Search Folders button and select New Item… or the third way to create search folder is to right click on the arrow mark next to the search bar and select Create Search Folder… (as in the following picture).…

I meant a screenshot of the messages count in the Smart folders.

Click on this link to see the messages count in the Smart folders.…

Thank you very much - I have discussed it with our developers and they told me that it is not displayed because it would be slow and that it could affect application’s performance.

As well, you can always see the quantity for each folder individually by looking at the bottom right corner of the screen, it’s posted there along with the unread amount.

Thanks for the quick response!

These smart folders are not very smart.  Its crazy for the “Flagged” folder to not show a count of the number of flagged items.  It shows a count of the number of flagged items that are unread.

Totally not smart.

Hi Derek, thank you for your constructive criticism, as I mentioned under another post/topic of yours, we’re currently considering improving this specific feature, but in fact this is an intended behavior at the moment.
Hopefully this will be improved in future releases.

Best regards,