Smart folder problem.

I installed two emailaccounts in eM Client. 
e.g.:  [email protected] and [email protected]
When an email arrives for [email protected] I can see it in the Inbox of that account.
When an email arrives for  [email protected], it is NOT delivered in the Inbox of [email protected] BUT in the All Inbox folder in de Smart Folder section. I have to move them manualy to the correct Inbox.  What is here the problem ? It happened from start-up.

If you create an eg POP3 account on the (Final account Screen wizard), you can specify if you want all the want the application to create a separate folder tree for the messages for your POP3 account, or if the messages should be stored in Local Folders. By default it usually creates a separate folder tree for messages for each email account. Have a look at the section in the EMClient Documentation, “Creating a new account” -

Note:- Sounds like something happened when the account was initally setup in EMClient.

Thanks CyberZork. I deleted the second account and started a new account. I cannot choose for POP or IMAP. It starts with the emailadres and later I have to give  the password. And then it is an IMAP account, without the possibility for the 6th step Finish. See the attachement.

Oké, I have found what you mean. But this is not the solution for my problem. In your finished step 6th you can choose for LOCAL folder, but my emails appear in the Smart Folder section - All Inbox. 
And I don’t want them there !!

Ok. From what i understand, Smart folders just shows you what emails are in all folders globally across your accounts. Saves you going to each mail account. 

If you “turn off” Smart Folders is the email going into each account folder correctly ?. Go to Menu / Tools / Settings and remove the tick from Show Smart Folders" . Then click Ok. 

Is your email provider Gmail?  I have heard that if you enter the password for first in second 0Auth2 box, it confuses Gmail and uses the wrong inbox.  Just delete account 2 and reenter the account.

Thanks Jay, It is not gmail that I have used. I allready reentered both accounts. The problem keeps arriving.

Ok Cyberzork, I can switch off seeing the Smart Folders, so that I can’t see them anymore. But still  the mails are not arriving in the correct Inbox. There must be a setting so that mails are dropped in the correct Inbox. 

It sounds like then the IMAP account that is not arriving correctly may not be compatible with EMClient. What is the @domain name ?

That is a good question, I think.    Because, Yes, they are from the same provider en both use the IMAP protocol. I could change one of them to POP e.g. if there is no other solution.

Ok. I wonder then what would happen if you eg: add both your domain IMAP accounts in reverse ?. I wonder if the same problem happens to either account.

Thanks CyberZork. That is what I did allready once, the same occured with the same account that arrived in Samrt Folder All Inbox. For me, that was very curious.
I am going, the next time I see the owner, re-install both accounts, one with IMAP and the other with POP. Maybe is that a solution? 

No you shouldn’t have to add one as POP.  EMClient was designed for multiple IMAP or POP Accounts. That sounds like an EMClient Bug. Hopefully one of the EMClient forum admins can respond to this problem.

Hello George,

Smart folder/s in eM Client is not an actual folder, it’s an imaginary folder displaying all your Inboxes/Unread/Flagged… at once. Therefore, if you see your email there, it must be stored in one of your folders. Please try if there is any rule set in eM Client/webmail that would move your emails upon arrival from your Inbox.


Thanks Russel. I understand the meaning of the Smart Folders. But from startup the emails for the specific second account ONLY appear in the Smart Folder Inbox and NOT in the specific Inbox for that emailaccount. I also did not make a special rule to redirect the mail. (In menu >tools > rules etc.)

Hi George,

Send me please an email with this thread link to [email protected].


I do not understand what you mean ?
You want the thread link ?

Yes George, email Russel with this thread url link.