Smart Folder Not Showing All Sent Emails

I have 5 email accounts set up and they are working fine individually but the ‘Smart’ Sent folder only shows sent messages from three of the accounts.  With the other two accounts when I send emails they show in the sent massage folder but not in the combined smart sent folder.  Also I have a network drive which sends cctv emails from the local IP to my gmail account and these appear in the smart sent folder despite not appearing in any of the individual email sent message folders.  Is there any way to specify what is shown in the smart sent folder?

The Smart Sent folder should unify all Sent folders.
Check if the Sent folders are correctly set in the Menu>Tools>Accounts.
Also, please can you provide more information about the accounts that do not have the sent messages in Smart sent?
Are they set up as POP/IMAP/Exchange?
What mail provider?
What version of  eM Client does this happen in? Menu>HElp>About for full number.


Hi everyone,
I have the same issue (except I use only two accounts). One is Gmail and second is iCloud. Sent emails from Gmail account are showing correctly in Smart folders>Sent, but sent emails from iCloud not showing there.

Special folders under Menu>Accounts>account name>IMAP are set up by default (ie. Automatically detect special folder names).

What should I do to see all sent emails in Smart Folders>Sent?

eM client version 7.2.37965.0
MacOS 10.15.3

Thank you in advance


edit: I fixed the issue. I deleted Gmail account and after that all sent emails were correctly shown in Smart Folder>Sent. After that I put Gmail account back and everything is working.
I won’t delete this post, maybe it might be useful to somebody else.