smart folder categories

I use Smart Folders and Categories with color showing.

Email with a category assigned show subject and sender in the color of the category but not the colored box In the All Inboxes under Smart Folders.

The colored box is shown in the individual account folders, Search results, and flagged but not the Smart Folder All Inboxes.

Can this be fixed?

v 6.0.20035.0


I’m not completely sure if I understand the issue. Can you maybe provide a screenshot?

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Here are three screenshots. Number 1 is showing the red box (category) in a saved search folder. When the email is not selected the text is red but when selected it is black but it displays the red category box. This is the behavior for the account inbox folder also.

Number 2 is showing the selected email and there is no red box nor red text. This has a category assigned. This is in the Smart Folders All Inboxes.

Number 3 is showing the email not selected but there is still no red box yet the text is red (ie, category color). This is in the Smart Folders All Inboxes.

I hope that helps.

this issue might be caused by different column configuration in the folder. Please right click the “Newest” and select Column Configuration and add “Category” to shown columns.
If you have it selected the category color of the texts changes to black that is the correct behavior.

(Note you can have different columns for different folders, so you might have the issue with different folders as well)

I hope this provides a solution,
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Thank you. That fixed it. I didn’t know those options were available.

I’m glad it works, if you have any more questions or issues, check back with us.

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