Small "spelling-discrepancy"

Dear Milos Kovalcik,

Since your next Release is “just around the corner” (ie. v3.1), I now finally decided
to bring to your attention a very minor “spelling discrepancy” on your Contact mask.
But believe me: If I wasn’t a school teacher (yep!), I surely wouldn’t have “dared” sending you now this kind of “micro complaint”; he, he!

So here I go now…
Please do note the following term (title) used under your individual Contact mask:
“File As:” (at left-hand column) vs. “Display as:” (at right-hand column)

Hence, may I suggest now to type also a small “a” at “File As”;
this in order to display an identical spelling…yes?

But for the last time (lol) I’m sending you today my very best regards,

Philippe Borel

I really didn’t notice that. It will be of course corrected.
Thank you for posting :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Milos Kovalcik.

Hello Philippe,

after finishing high school I was quite happy, because I though no teacher can bug me with the spelling again. And now the illusion is broken :D.

Thank you for reporting. It will be fixed.

Dear Milos and Petr,

Glad to know that you did not consider me now as being a “crazy teacher”!
So I surely had a good laugh upon reading Petr response; he, he!!

Kind regards to both of you from Switzerland,