small font when confirmation from the consignee

small font when confirmation from the customer that has mail

Hello Lukasz,
does zoom-in feature work?
Is this a HTML message?
Does this happen with certain senders?


I did not know, that is the zoom function.
I have the html set.
all addresses

Place your cursor on the message pane and hit [ctrl] + [+} to enlarge the message or [ctrl] + [-] to shrink message. Alternatively, if your mouse has a scroll wheel, holding the control key and rolling the wheel forward enlarges and rolling the wheel back shrinks the message.

It did not help

Hello Lukasz,
please export one of these messages as EML (or forward as attachment) to
Add link to this forum thread to the body of the message.
We’ll analyze the file.


Issue seems to be resolved with the latest version of eM Client.

good, work