Small Delete Icon (Delete column?)

I have to say one of my favorite features for loving and the windows 8 mail app are the little buttons appearing when hovering over a single line in the mail list, especiall the button to delete the mail. That would be a very very convenient feature, and could maybe be easily introduced via a chooseable “delete” column, that just shows a little delete button, similar to how the marking column shows  it’s button.

YES! That would be fine and even more: an icon/column to mark a message as read/unread would be fine too.

Hi, we’re currently working on the upcoming release of eM Client 7 that will feature an update UI, make sure to check out the preview on our facebook page at

Hope you like it, regards,

Hi Paul,

would be fine if you find some time to update the Facebook page with some new screenshots and/or information about upcoming features :wink: