Follow-up: deleting has become infuriatingly slow in emClient. Half the time I hit the delete key it doesn’t do anything, because apparently emClient won’t delete a message until it has loaded or something. Cleaning up my inbox in the morning takes WAY longer than it should due to this issue. Sad that I have to start thinking about moving away from emClient after so many years due to such a seemingly small issue. But it’s taking real time out of my life, a few seconds at a time (hundreds of times a day).


I made a screencast showing how cumbersome it is to delete emails for me these days, in case you guys aren’t seeing this on your end:

Hello Lance,

Thanks for the video. Please check the Account settings if your emails are not downloaded for offline use. This may also slow down eM Client. You can find it in Menu > Tools > Accounts > IMAP.

Another reasoning may be short general sync period set in Menu > Tools > Settings > General. Setting it to default 10 min could help as well.



Thanks for the reply. I don’t think either of those things apply to me. My sync timing was already at 10 minutes, and the account in question is not an IMAP one.

The issue seems to me to be that emClient is prioritizing loading the message over deleting it. I feel like hitting the delete key should instantly cancel any effort emClient is making toward loading the message and skip straight to deleting it. I’m not a programmer though, so I may be way off about all this. I do know it’s becoming really cumbersome though. It’s often much worse than what you see in that video.

Thanks again.