I upgraded to 7 yesterday. Figured some of the initial problems must have been fixed by now. But eM is terribly slow despite SSD and i7, much slower than v6. Clicking a email takes too long. In v6 the emails loaded fast but not in v7. Also depending on which theme I choose, the scrollbar looks different. In some themes you can hardly see it. I’m considering switching to something else and check if things are fixed in the next version.

Hello Andrzej,
version 7 has a new database system, so you might experience some slowness at first before all your data migrates/synchronizes again.
If you have a specfic issue, more details would be helpful.

As for the Scrollbars - with the new User Interface we introduced a more modern look, scroll bars included. Since some users reported problems using the new scrollbars, we added the old-style scrollbars to System and Classic themes.
This is by design and not an issue.


Yes ok, so it had the weekend to sync the data, I’ll give feedback later today if the slowness is resolved.
Regarding the scrollbars, is it user customizable? If not, it should be.

EM Client is slow downloading message content.  Sometimes it appears to run as fast as Outlook and others, then it slows like molasses.  Has been downloading content for over 5 minutes.  This has happened since last update Version #7.0.27943.0.  

Just a followup. I feel it got faster after a while. It still takes some time to open certain messages especially if it’s a conversation.
I noticed another issue however. Today I notices that my computer has restarted duting the night. Windows updates. When I start eM it is checking for corrupt database (taking quite a while). Does not eM client close gracefully when windows is rebooting due to updates?

No it does not. If you shutdown the computer without closing emc first, you will get the database check.

Hello all,

I’m getting the same issues. The other day I installed em Client 7.0.27943.0.

Even after synching with the exchange server and everything appeared fine. Some occasions an email that has 1 or more emails in the thread take literally 3-5 minutes to show the email.

My system is clean. It runs Windows 10 /w latest updates, i7, SSD, 16gb ram.


Oh that is bad. I had database corruptions in v6 (no corruption in v7 yet). Luckily I’m using serverside mailstorage so I could resync everything. I feel bad about pop-users.

Same issues here. Just installed 7.0.27943.0 and it is ridiculously slow to load messages. I’m using Google Apps mail and it take at least 20 seconds to load an email once I select it for viewing. Every other client I’ve tried loads messages so fast there is no delay to measure. I like the rest of eM Client but if this persists I’m moving on to another client.

New install? Upgrade from previous version? Maybe because it is syncing the entire database. Also be aware that in IMAP, by default emc downloads headers only ans the body of the message is downloaded when you open it. This can cause display delays. To correct this go to menu/tools/accounts and select the appropriate account. Select the IMAP tab and check “Download messages for offline use”. One word of caution, depending on how many messages you have and your internet bandwidth, the initial sync could take some time.

This is a new install. It’s a brand new system with a fast connection (125 Mbps),  the only thing that’s not fast is the storage which is a standard hard disk (waiting on a NVMe SSD).

I prefer to not download messages for offline use, if it comes to that I will use a different client. It does seem that something is really wrong with my eM Client setup. The last message I tried to read took 2 min 40 sec to load while on another email client which also does not pre download messages took less than 1 sec.

Well, not to talk bad about eM but I’m back to Outlook, at least temporary, until eM fixes this. I really got used to (and prefer) eM’s UI, Outlook it is a real pain from that perspective right now.
But at least emails load fast now.

You also might try to turn off any anti-virus software and see if it makes a difference. If it does, that may be the place to solve the issue.

That’s too bad eM is so slow. I gave up and switched to Thunderbird. It was a little harder to set up but it’s hundreds of times faster. Now emails load in less than a second instead of several minutes.

I have version 7.0.27943 running on Windows 10 from a 250GB SSD, 16GB RAM, and a Core i5 at 3.5GHz.  The initial load of the program takes over 50 seconds, after I have booted the computer and everything has loaded.  Subsequent startup of the program takes about 3 seconds, so I’m wondering what the program is doing the first time around.  I have a very small email account that I set up for our high school class reunion, and it receives no spam - just messages from classmates.

I recently installed version7.0.27943.0 and since then, the email, client runs SO slow.  It takes minutes to download emails instead of seconds.  Can anyone suggest a free mail client to use until EM client fixes this?

Minutes for loading an email, even if ‘download for offline viewing’ is on. What’s the point?

I’m finding deleting messages takes a really long time, especially lately. Like seconds per message, sometimes longer. Sometimes the “this might take a while” dialog box pops up, just when deleting a single message. :frowning:

Any thoughts why that might be, or what can be done about it?


Hello Lance,

This behaviour might occur when the conversation mode is enabled. If it is your case, please try disabling it and see if it helps. You can find this setting in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Read.


Hi Russel,

Conversation mode was not enabled. I shut it down and restarted it and it sped things back up. I’ve seen this behavior before, just not this bad. It’s a shame to have to restart it just to keep things working smoothly.

Thanks for your help!