Slow to Reply, Forward, or Create new email message

Everytime I click “NEW” or reply/forward an email message it takes 15 to 20 seconds for em client to respond. This used to be instantaneous. Is there something I can do to fix this. I already ran the database fixing program and that did not find any problems. Something is messed up and I am not sure what it is.

Maybe not a solution, but if you disable conversations (Menu > View > Conversations) does it make any difference?

I have this same issue. Core i7 laptop with 20GB RAM and SSD. It started after the upgrade to 7.1.

Disabling conversation mode did not help. I have 6-8 email addresses and a total of about 4TB in my email files so it is a large data set. The old version did not have any problems.

I see this repeatedly in  cef.log:

[1227/] pipe error: 109

I don’t know that te above is related to the slowness problem but throwing it out there

This did not help. But thank you for the suggestion. It is greatly appreciated. Hopefully someone will come up with a solution. Funny thing is, I use emclient at home and it is perfectly snappy with no lag whatsoever. 

Are you using the latest version of eM Client. Since 7.1.31849 there have been some improvements.

Are you using the same account on both computers? i.e. are the two duplicates of each other?

If you are using a Pro License, opening a ticket for this might get you more useful support.

Hi Steve. With your hardware I would expect better performance, except that your database is extremely large. What SSD are you using that you can have a 4TB database on your laptop?

As I commented above, if you have a Pro License, opening a ticket will probably get you sorted quicker.

Sorry 4GB not 4TB. I know the difference, just a typo.