Slow to open emails

Have read lots of messages regarding slow email opening but havent seen any solutions.

I am using eM 7.1.30638 connecting to an onPremise Exchange 2013 environment. Have configured for offline viewing including images.

No issues with emails coming in, but opening emails take 5 seconds and excatly 5 seconds, no matter what the email is, single word or pages of text. I thought it might only happen to unread emails, but nope, happens to any email, wether ive opened it before or not. Also happens if I am working offline. Message still opens fine even when offline, but after a delay of 5 seconds, so is definetly getting local cached copy.

Would love to get this resolved as it would be my client of choice, but as it stands I just cant pull the trigger on it with this particular issue.

Hello Gary,

Please try downloading the new official update .30646 at The version .30638 was pulled because of a minor flaws so let me know if the problem exists after the update.

Thank you.
Russel Markosky
eM Client

I’v update to .30794.0,but the issue is still exists.

I am evaluating the product as I had issues with the other ones and unfortunately I am experiencing the same issue. I have connected the eM Client verison 7.1.30794.0 to gmail, yahoo and others and even ticking the download option it takes seconds (3-5) to open the email. If I close the email and re-open it again it does not change the result, it takes the same time.

This has been an issue since ver 6 as well.  There are times I have to wait till sync is complete before I can read the body of my messages.  Seems when the app is syncing, especially with exchange servers with alot of folders and emails…its priority is to sync and forget about opening any emails while doing that.