slow response time

Left Outlook due to program crashes. Installed eM Client hoping for better results, but…have to click new emails several time before they open, then response is very slow.  Can’t even close program without clicking X several times.  Time to look for something better.

Maybe time to look for a new computer as this could be a hardware or Windows issue, and not anything to do with Outlook or eM Client.

just installed new mobo, with quad core processor, 8GB DDR4 ram, and 2 new 1TB HDD.  Fresh load of Windows 10.  Don’t think it’s hardware.BTW, I know IT.

Even on an entry level computer with those specs, eM Client should run quite well.

I still think that if Outlook was continually crashing, and eM Client is so sluggish, there is still some hardware or Windows issue. 

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I have to agree with bill, since the last update the email is downloading slower. Also, when opening an email it is slow about opening. Used to work fine until last update.

Still slow to open 3 years on !!!

martes 07 septiembre 2021 :: 0840hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Ross_Williamson

Sarcasm doesn’t help especially when you ask more or less the same issue in a new thread.

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