Slow program start / mail often empty

The EM client (version 9.2.2023) starts increasingly slowly on all my computers with Win11 Pro. I have already deleted the large log files - but that has no effect
Compared to the new Windows Mail (preview version), the startup time is about twice as long

In addition, the contents of emails often initially appear empty and are only displayed after restarting the EM client


sábado 14 octubre 2023 :: 1827hrs (UTC +0100)

I do not recognize your version of eMC, is your version from eMC or Microsoft Store, or perhaps a typo>
If a typo and is in fact v 9.2.2093 from eMC, there is a more recent version that you can install from here: Latest Version

Who is your email provider?
Do you have Pro or Free version of eMC?
Do you use POP3 or IMAP?
The fact that you need to reboot eMC suggests a poor/slow connection.
Do you know your internet connection speed?
You say your start up is increasingly slower, since when?

I do not believe that it is a Win11 Pro issue ( I have this with no performance issues).


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sorry – a mistake on my side – it is 9.2.2093

  • free version - two mail accounts - google and microsoft
  • imap
  • stable internet-connection 125 Mbps via wlan and 250 Mbps via cable
  • issue appears during last few weeks - cannot define an exact moment

microsoft mail and also thunderbird perform much better - both with more mail-accounts