Slow on First start

the following happens to me with version 8.2 and also with the 9.Beta.

After starting my PC, log into Windows (11 Pro 64 bit) I start eM Client.
The first start after booting (or restarting) the Computer tooks eM Client ~ 30 seconds to start.

When I then close the program and start it again, eM Client starts within 2 seconds.

Not really an issue, just wondering why the first start takes so long.

BTW: Once the program is up and running everything is working fast and smooth. It is just the first start which makes me wonder.
Resources used on startup:
~ 2% CPU and ~ 200MB RAM usage which can’t be the reason for the slow start.
em Client’s database is on a SSD.
Starting eM Client with the attachment indexer disabled makes no difference.

Any ideas?

Has a lot to do with whatever else starts/loads at boot time…

@sunriseal: That was indeed my first thought. But the slow start also happens if I let the PC run for 30 minutes and then start eM client. So my guess is, that it can not be related to the things which loads on windows start.

Since you are running v9 Beta this might be something of interest to the 9-Beta group…


Although it happend with version 8, i will report this to testing@

Found the “solution” by accident:
For a test I wanted to change the location of the database folder.
So I copied the folder to the new location.
But I did this while eM client was open.

The program quits with an error message and on the next start it does the database check/repair.

After that database check (and the database still at the old location) eM clients starts fast like hell.

I can only assume that the import of various pst files did something with the database what was fixed after the database check finished.



Yes sounded like the database was slightly corrupted in some way and didn’t run the usual automatic database repair tool.

If you have this issue again, you can also manually run the database checker rather than change the location of the database. See @Gary post from the below thread.


Feb 10

The database repair is now built into the MailClient.exe file. If it detects an issue with the database, it will repair it automatically. But if you think you need to repair the database, you can run this command with eM Client closed: “C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\MailClient.exe” /dbrepair

Thanks for the hint that it is possible to do a database check with /dbrepair

Hello Folks,
I have exactly the same issue as @RalfKerkhoff - but I’m not sure I understand the fix. I have v 8.2 and just occasionally for unrelated reasons the database repair programme starts up following unexpected crashes. So why am I still getting the slow first start-up regardless of how long I wait after the PC has started - if this routine is supposed to first the start-up problem? It’s not doing that for me! Second time is always fast, as described.

The only other symptom I can see is that the slow start up might be something to do with EMC having to catch up at next restart when a scheduled database backup time has been missed. In reviewing these threads, I’ve today used Control Panel to stop the slow / not starting app, I then happened to check the latest backup zip files EMC should have created - this last one, is labelled incomplete - so perhaps I crashed the backup when using Control Panel - I’m not sure I saw any notification messages about it happening.

Any thoughts on what’s causing the underlying slow start appreciated. I’ve also just seen there’s a new v8.2 app - will updating to that fix the issue perhaps?

Thanks. RAB