Slow load even after minimizing

Does anyone find it slow loading the email even after it’s minimized and then you maximize it, it takes forever. Why ?

As long as you don’t have any mail database checking for errors in eM Client (when initially opening) eM Client and are using a recent version, the most common thing for slow loading or slow opening programs is hardware related.

If you have a eg: non ssd (older mechanical drive), upgrade to a ssd drive.

Or the hard-disk might be going faulty and (not caching) very well any longer so may need a replacement drive.

Or you don’t have enough physical ram so the computer is using (slow virtual memory) to open / load programs. Recommend at least 8 mb or more ram.

Lastly always a good idea to check you have the (latest video driver) for your video card. Outdated or partially corrupted video driver’s can sometimes cause issues with programs opening / loading.

Not sure what the video driver has to do with it, but. I think the eM Client is a huge memory hog. That could be slowing things down. ?

I think the eM Client is a huge memory hog

eM Client V8.2.1509 for me using Windows 10 (and 3 IMAP accounts) when checking email averages 2% of the CPU, and when not checking email 0% cpu. So very little CPU usage at all. It minimizes & maximizes instantly for me as well. I have a Stock Win 10 pc, i7CPU, 8GB Ram & a SSD Hard-disk,