slow incoming email

I have been using eM Client for sometime now and I pretty much like it except for the very slow incoming mail. Which is a major issue for me, I have to get email instantly or as close to that as possible.
With all my old email programs, Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail I always received email very fast.
This topic should be on the top of the list for major problems with the developer.
I recently installed Opera Mail and now us is daily along with eM Client. With Opera Mail, I do in fact receive instant mail and it comes in fast and if there is a lot of it there is no slow down. All while I am still waiting, and waiting for eM Client to get incoming mail.
So using Opera Mail as a direct comparison to eM Client I can see just what is going on, the delay time to receive incoming mail is in fact significant.

Look at Tools>Settings>General>“Synchronize Items Every XX Minutes” and “Synchronize Items at Start Up”. What are the settings for these two line?

Thanks, should fix it.