Slow IMAP sync with no changes

Hi, new user here just giving it a trial run. I really like the UX and integration with Google calendar and contact database.

I’m using a single vanilla IMAP account (not Google) with about a dozen server-side folders. I access the IMAP account from 3 to 4 clients at once (tablet, mobile, desktop, laptop). Except for the INBOX, these folders don’t change unless an automated rule is triggered on my desktop or I perform a manual action. Basically, most of the folders don’t change very often, and when they do it’s usually the addition or deletion of a single message.

I’m seeing eM Client take several minutes to sync all my folders, and this is even when absolutely nothing has changed server-side. I watch the Operations window grinding away and I wonder what’s going on? I’m used to extremely fast and intelligent syncing with every other IMAP clients. An IMAP client can definitely detect that a server folder does not need to be re-synced, but eM Client does not appear to be doing this critical optimization. Instead, every folder gets painfully re-synced every time, so eM Client is having a hard time getting out of its own way.

Is this the way everyone expects eM Client to work? Am I missing some obvious configuration switch? Do I have such an unusual setup? Honestly, I only have a few hours of experience and, much as I like the interface and feature set, the performance issue makes it a non-starter for me.