slow imap access

Myself and a number of my clients use emClient and the longer we have used it we have all noticed the same thing. It takes a very long time to check emails and then when it finally shows emails it takes a long time moving from message to message. When you click on a message it shows a bar as if it is downloading the message. It could take up to 3 minutes to finally show the content which might only be a line or two. We are all using godaddy imap accounts and a couple people are also using aol. any ideas?


I am almost sure that this is caused by slow internet connection, IMAP protocl does not download emails at first, but only headers so when you click on email you want to read then it is being downloaded.

You can use workaround in Tools - accounts - your account - IMAP tab and check “Download messages for offline use” this will synchronize all messages completely so when you will read them it will not take a time plus to download them at that moment.

Synchronization interval can be altered in Tools - Settings - General - General “synchronize items every … minutes”


I have the same issue but I have already done the workaround you have suggested. I can log in to the GoDaddy Server and see new emails but they wont come in to EMClient for up to 20 mins even if I manually hit Send/Receive.

I finally gave up on this issue… it had nothing to do with internet speed as I have a 75mb x 35mb connection. Most of my clients have now switched over to Office 365 and Outlook. No delay at all. While this isn’t entirely emClients fault, as GoDaddy as admitted to having issues. There was no fix from either side so I had to change my clients over. You get what you pay for. I am no longer seeing 48 hour delays in my email and it doesn’t take 5 minutes to display an email in my inbox. I did like emClient as a mail client but Outlook works better with MS Exchange (Office 365)… It’s a shame, I’ve sold so many clients on emClient only to now have to tell them to switch platforms. I think GoDaddy took on more accounts faster than they can expand the services.

Hi, there’s an issue on GoDaddy’s side that we’re trying to resolve,
however our options are limited as this is not an issue on our side.

Please be patient, we believe fix should come soon,

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Need to “Repair” Inbox everytime new email arrive.

When receiving email, inbox won’t display it, only showing … right next to Inbox folder. I have to use RMB Properties/Repair before it can download and display new emails. I use GoDaddy IMAP account.