Slow handling of rules

Some major quality-of-life ajustments needed:

  • When filtering rules, and deleting one, the filter will be reseted each time. That’s bad. Filter should only reset, when set back to empty intentionally or reopening the ruleset window.
  • For filter rules, there should be buttons “move to top” and “move to bottom”, not only move filter rule one row up. When having more than 100 rules, resorting rules becomes an evening-filling job quickly …
  • Filtering the folder “all inbounds” (in german: Alle Posteingänge) should be available with a shortcut or button in the top main window (or at least the last operation similar to this). After inserting a new rule, it needs around 15-20 clicks, just to activate this once. Thats waste of time.

Yes, that is intentional.

Rules are listed in the order in which they effect the incoming message. It is not intended to move them around much unless you want to change the order they fire, but in version 10 you will be able to drag and drop the Rule to change its position rather than using the arrow icons.

Rules apply automatically to new messages as they arrive, so there really isn’t anything you need to do. But if you want to apply them manually at a later time, just right-click on a folder and choose Apply Rule. Then select the Rule(s) and folder(s) you want to apply it to. Maybe a lot less than 15-20 clicks.

Just tested that, thanks for the hint. But at the end, it was 8 clicks for 2 folders. So … not that bad solution, but also not the best one i can guess. :wink:
Could you add this “apply rulesets” also for the combined folder “Alle Posteingänge”? Then it would reduce the clicks from “4 times X” to “4 at all”, depending on how many inbound folders you might have.

Anyway, I think this “decision” is a bad one then. As feature then I would implement an option in the programm settings, to keep this, or to set the filter back after deleting operation. Maybe you can follow the given case:

  • you have lots of filters for similar purpose and want delete some of them, or even reduce them by compressing criteria in one single rule
  • when you have 15 and reduce them to 3, you need to do 12 times … enter filter, click return, choose one, delete ite … enter the filter again, return, choose one, delete, … enter the filter again (latestly at this point you bite in the table!)

But for managing them it is needed. I have not about 100 rules or so, i cannot imaging that i will NOT loos the track, which rule i checked for convenience and which not, when scrolling the small windows about 5 rows. And there is no option to select or deselect those, that i already checked (have done). Also the scrolling is set back to top each deletion action, so i loose completely track of the work.

It might work, when you do NOT really use rules at all, or for testing condition in exeperiment situation. But it is definitely not good feeling to work with it, when one intensivly use the rules to sort mails in real life!

In addition to what I said above: as developer like you (maybe :wink: ) I would not expect users (like me here) to be a mail rule creating expert from the first day on. Especially when the programm does not prevent creation duplicate rules by warnings or so. Then there will be a need, to manage them wisely, instead of just creating more and more and more …

So, when coming at the point having more than 100 rules, some might be duplicates, some might be compressable (combine criteria), some might be out of date (as you do not those mails any longer). So there should be good and easy features to handle lots and lots of rules (easy from users perspective, NOT from developers!).

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