Slow Down Folder-List Movement When Dragging Email?

When dragging an email from the Inbox to my local folder list, as I near the bottom of that list (i.e., approaching the Calendar bar), the folder list moves downward, such that the bottom group of folder names are shown. Let’s call this bottom portion of the folder list those folders that start with S - Z.

As I move my mouse upward, the folder list zooms upward, showing me the top group of folder names. Let’s call this group those folders that start with A - M.

Given the speed with which the folder list repositions itself either totally up or totally down, it is very difficult to move an email message into the middle group, i.e., those folders that start with N - R. This is not a problem if your entire folder list is small enough that all folders - or half the folders - are shown when the list is either at its top or bottom, or if you sort of pre-position the list before attempting the move.

Is there a way to slow down the speed at which the folder list moves up or down?

What version of eM Client are you using?


Install the latest version of eM Client 4 from here:… or install eM Client 5 -… and let me know if it helps.

I first installed the V4 version you noted, but it did not fix the problem. I then installed the V5 version, and it did not help, either. That is, even using V5, if drag an item toward the bottom of the visible folder list, that list still slides up very fast (in order to show you what’s on the bottom).

One piece of freeware I use extensively is FastStone Image Viewer (… ), if you feel like installing it temporarily. If you drag a photo (on the right) and attempt to drop it in a directory (on the left), and move toward the top or bottom of that directory list, you will see the directories move by at a much slower pace, in a sort of quick-but-one-at-a-time movement. This is the sort of speed I’m after.



This is quite a complex issue depending mostly on the Windows settigns and, particularly, also on the speed of your computer. We haven’t experienced it during our testing and I agree that we have to solve it. It will be fixed in a future update.

OK, thank you for the effort.