slow accoutn addition, then crash, no accounts. Hours lost. this what I am to expect if I buy ? ..A crash-alot-forgetful email app ?

I spent 4 hours going through your SLOWWWWW server setup process for 10 accounts. …and then, your program crashed. I restarted it and NONE of the settings were retained, EVERY account I added was missing. You NEED to save accounts as they are added, do not wait until “app close” to save accounts. This srsly pissed me off but your client is the only one that looks worth anything these days.

come’on, you call this “Pro” yet your account auto-detect process disallows manual input for server settings. Get serious guys…I’m frustrated by the program and seeking reasons to not buy at this point.

what version of eM Client are you using?
Anyway, when you open eM Client - Tools - Accounts - New account click the tab Mail, choose Other and new window will appear where you can configure your account manually.