Sloooow database corruption check

Could the EM Client team please deal with the slow database corruption check? Periodically my machine crashes – kicked the plug out, BOD, etc. – and it takes at least 15 minutes to run the check and the check hogs the hard drive, so everything is slooooow.

Sounds like you are using an old mechanical hard disk. If so, ever considered upgrading to an SSD? There will be huge performance boosts, not just with database type applications like eM Client, but the whole operating system as well.

Really? “Old” mechanical hard disks is the excuse?

They can cause a bottleneck, yes, that is why I was asking if that is what you are using. 

Much has been improved in eM Client, but at the beginning of version 7, this was more noticeable especially on mechanical hard disks.

What is the size of your database Amos, and do you have much free space on the disk? 

I have a 1.8 TB disk with 1.1 TB free
Not sure where to find database size. Conversations.dat under my AppData\Roaming is 22,062kb

The database is the complete C:\Users_yourusername_\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\ directory.

4.73GB / 4.74GB size on disk

Not excessively large then. I would expect shorter database checking, but if your hardware is of a lower spec, then that could account for it.  

Try not to kick the plug too often. :wink:

Yeah, I put tape over it!

Core i-7 6700 3.40 Gz, 16GB memory - not excessive, but not shabby

That spec seems more than adequate to handle the task in an acceptable time, but as I said before, it could be a hard disk bottleneck. You did not confirm or deny that you are using a mechanical hard disk, so I will assume you are. And if it is a slower RPM model . . . 

Takes me two hours, and I think my computer is reasonably fast… 15 minutes would be my dream!