slip of the mouse finger creates permanent monitor screen artifact

When composing an email, if I highlight a word or block of text then accidentally press right mouse while left mouse is still depressed, the selected text is copied to the screen permanently. If I do it to another word, the previous one is cleared and replaced with the current one at the current position of the cursor.

I have to reboot the PC to remove it. It stays in the same position independently of scrolling the document. It is not part of the document but becomes part of the screen.

This only happens in eM client and not Word or Notepad.

Any ideas what’s happening?

Good evening. I just made it that you describe, and when I right click on a word or a group of word nin writing a message, I have a window opening popup. copy, paste, etc… Kind regards.

that is indeed very strange, could you screenshot the problem for me?

Is there any error that pops up? What release of eM Client are you running and what is your version of Windows?

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I’m on Win10 Pro/64 with the latest eMC release.  See below, white text, blue background. it’s in a fixed position on screen that does not move/scroll with the document. You should be able to duplicate it.  Select text, with left mouse depressed, click right mouse then move cursor and drop. Do this again with different text and it replaces the previous text at the new position. A reboot will remove it but not powering down the monitor. Very weird.

I have the most recent Asus video driver for Win10 which is the same one MS provided when I did the Win10 upgrade. I’m on a homebrew PC with an Asus motherboard.

forgot to mention, no error pop-ups.

Yes, I have had this problem too…  Thought maybe it was my computer  Minimizing EM Client and it still shows up on my desktop and in front of every other program.

The good news for me is shutting down and restarting EM Client makes it go away.  I don’t have to reboot the whole computer

Wasn’t sure how to describe it, or what I was doing to cause it.  Yep.ejp, you are right.

Here is what happened on my test.

Here it is stick in in front of my browser.

And here it is stuck on my desktop

Closing the email being composed does not fix it (but gladly it does not stay in the email)

I am on Windows 7 and on the 6.0.23181.0 release.

Ah-ha, yes, Quitting eMClient fixes it for me too. Did not think to try that. Still an annoying problem however. Also, if the offending text is in the way of something, you can move it by doing it again but placing the text somewhere where it’s out of the way.

Oh, just saw you are on Win7. I never saw this on Win7. I booted to 7 and did not see it. Have a dual boot system but never go back now except for an occasional experiment like this one.

Hi everyone,
I consulted this issue with our developers and apparently it’s an Internet Explorer issue.
Sadly the only workaround for now is to restart eM Client, but in version 7 we’re getting rid of the IE components we’re using now, so this won’t happen anymore.

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Thanks… I never thought to try and do it again. I just thought that would create more of them :wink:

And I am really happy you posted this. I thought I was losing my mind, or that my laptop screen was showing signs of future failure. Glad it’s not just me.

Ooooh yeah! Any idea when that will be coming out?

OK…but I’m not using IE. Using Chrome. I do not see how IE would be connected with this. Maybe some IE specific support code in eMClient? But at least we now know how to remove it without a reboot.

Thanks for the timely attention to this!

Hi, even if you use different browser, all Windows computers have installed IE in the default installation. That’s why, many Windows apps use IE to connect and check some of your login information and the like for you.
We were using some of IE’s code in our app, but since then we managed to replace it with our own for the new version.

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