Skype Interoperability button

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I use the newest update from Em client version; 6.0.22328.0 dd:20-03-2015 and i checked the content from emclient at the englisch version and here i see a button “Use Skype Interoperability” at the Instant Messaging default section
But at the Netherlands version of Em client at the Instant Messaging default section the"Skype Interoperabillity" button is not present,can you please add this “Skype Interoperabillity” button at the Em client Netherlands version with a future update from Em client?

I also want to ask wy you have chosen to remove the facebook chat functionallity with the latest Em client update 20-03-2015 on version: 6.0.22328.0

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Hello, sorry about this, the Content of the Help menu is sometimes a bit outdated as some of the features are being remove/added to the application rather quickly.

Unfortunately Skype feature have been deprecated in the application, as Microsoft has shutdown support for the Skype protocol in 3rd party applications including eM Client.

It is no longer possible for us to include Skype features in eM Client.

Hope this helps.