sky emails not downloading

Hi. My sky emails have suddenly stopped downloading - everything was ok until yesterday, (30th September). Gmail still works fine. The ‘Server says “Unauthorised”’ error message has always come up but never stopped it working before - is this anything to do with the new version and how can I fix it please? Thanks

Hello Neil,
judging by the error and the fact that you only experience this issue only on your sky mail I believe the issue is with the sky mail servers or your credentials to your account.
Please check if you’re using correct login credentials or contact sky mail support to see if there isn’t an issue on their servers concerning your account.

Best regards,

Hi. Thanks for your reply, although having checked with Sky, the credentials haven’t changed. Strangely, the emails have today suddenly started reloading of their own accord and the error message now doesn’t come up, so problem solved somehow! Neil