Sky Broadband blocki8ng my GMail through eMClient

New account from Voda to Sky installed yesterday, no issues, mail ok until 10.32 Friday and last mail received from Gmail. Says not online and not able to connect to server.
My partner forced to use Online sky access to read her mail rather than a client so wondering if I too have a problem with Sky wanting me to use something of their own. Mails from old account with F2S still working though I have long since only been able to receive mail thro that.

Have you contacted Sky Broadband to see if they have any “updated mail server settings” or any problems with their mail server since Friday as strange it was working but not able to connect now ?.

Have you tried rebooting your computer since changing over to Sky since it stopped working on Friday ?

Also have you installed or updated any optional new Antivirus programs, optional firewall / security programs or VPNs which might be blocking or interferring with your Sky Mail into eM Client. ?

Also what are your new IMAP Sky mail settings ?