Size of message and attached file are incorrect

The size of message reported is incorrect, with an attached file.
Bad size for the attached file too.

Message reported as 120kB, but attached file is 6928kB, moreover real size of attached file is 9841kB !

I am using an Office365 account (Exchange EWS).

Hi Olivier, sorry for my belated response, sorry to see this, I have managed to reproduce the issue using our Exchange account so it seems like this really might be an application issue, I’ve reported the issue to the developers and hopefully a fix will be included in upcoming updates of the application.

Thank you,

I’ve got a version 7.0.26453.0 from the year 2016 and this problem in this version still exists. Is it please possible to change it - to see the size of the message including attachments?

Hello Filip,
the size information is dependent on what the mail server.
The issue in this thread has been with Exchange accounts and has been fixed.
On what mail account have you experienced this?