Size file in message

I can not send letters weighing more than 10mb. Where in the program to change this parameter to increase

It is not that you can’t send them, just that you are given a warning that the the attachment exceeds a set size.

You can disable the warning by selecting the Don’t ask me again option, or disable or change the size in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Notifications.

If you are getting some error from your SMTP server, that probably means that your provider is restricting the size of messages.

Hi Gary,

I liked your detailed reply above, but in all cases it’s good to know
the limits of your own ISP as well as that of the recipient’s ISP.
I avoids sending attachments that are too large for either one or the other…
and getting rejection notices…

The question is not in the notification, but in the fact that I can not send an email with files with a total weight of more than 10mb. An error is generated and the letter falls into the folder “Local Folder” -> “Outbox”.

With other email clients there is no such problem

This indicates that you do not have the correct settings. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and select the SMTP tab for your account. Make sure the port is set to 587 and the security policy is set to Force usage of SSL/TLS.

If that still does not work, temporarily disable your anti-virus application and try again.

Changed the “Host”, began to send large letters. But if I forward the letter, then the error is preserved. Tried your settings, also works
Antivirus is not installed.
Port costs 465, Use SSL / TLS on special port (legacy)

Works and doesn’t. Maybe it’s because of the settings at the hosting provider?

You need to get the host name from your provider. Most providers do not allow relaying, which means sending messages from one address using a server for another domain. This is slightly different for a hosted account where the address might be something like [email protected] but the smtp host is Check with the provider.