Single Incoming email showing up multiple times in mulitple places


I have noticed that when I get a new email flagged as important, that one email shows up 4 times in my agenda column - from the folders inbox, important, starred and all mail.

This is on top of the fact that after marking the email as read it can take 5 seconds to mark the same email as read in the other folders.

It seems pretty obvious that important, s__tarred and all mail should not be folders but smart queries, and represented as such.

Hi Aaron, this issue has been discussed on this forum several times.
I believe this is directly connected to a gmail account so unless you’re using a different mail service, the reason for this is following.

Gmail uses labels to mark emails and assign them to folders, so if an email is starred or flagged or marked as important it will be automatically in several folders assigned to these labels and thus you’ll be able to see it duplicated in smart folders, agenda or in your all mail folder.
You can check this if you show a column showing the folder to which the email is assigned, which will be then showing the same email but the location will be different.

Unfortunately this is caused by the Gmail labeling system, and there’s not much to do about it at the moment, we’d like to improve this in future releases when it’s possible.

Thank you for understanding,

The solution would be to have local ‘folders’ like starred/unread to actually be local queries, and not actually sync every folder.
If you sync inbox, sent and drafts, everything else on em client could just be representational, based on labels embedded in the mail.

Hi Aaron, I don’t believe this would be a solution to this issue, as many users would not like the idea of mail being handled locally. Although I will forward your idea to the developers to consider this option for future releases.

Thank you for understanding,