single-click pick for Compose To Recipient?

So, I’m very new to the eM Client, so maybe I’m just not ‘getting’ it. I’m posing this as a QUESTION since maybe what I want is already in eM.

Suppose I’m sitting here and I want to send a fresh email, not a Reply or FWD. And say I have 200 people in my Contacts list. Just going to NEW message and starting typing in the To field, say Da, produces a predictive list of contacts. I can either keep typing in the To to narrow it down, or I can mouse to pick one of the predictive choices. Not too bad, admittedly, but wouldn’t it be better to have a single-click pick from the whole contact list? Eudora had that since the mid-nineties if not before. In fact, Eudora has a lot more. Check this:…
So, New Message To is just one choice. There’s Forward To, Redirect To (look it up), and all the “With” choices are for Stationery.
What I want is a MODERN client like eM but with the functionality of Eudora messaging.

Rob, I’m pretty sure you used eM4 and seen the contact on the side-widget. If you want this back, please vote here:…

Done. Yes, I’d be tempted to return to eM4 but with that I couldn’t drag an email from the In to my user-created mail folder on the left. Whci works in eM5.

Another member mentioned “forced to use the “control+b” contacts list”, which I didn’t know about. Trying it, hmm, there it is, “Send Message” on a Contact’s right-click. Yay. So then I decided to re-visit the main Contacts button, and
yay there it is too, “Send Message” on a Contact’s right-click. I must have been asleep to not see this before.