Sincronize local calendar with Google, howto?

Hoiw do I make my local calendar sincronize to Google ́s one? can I do this with my local adress book as well? thank you. alex

By default, when you add a Google/gmail account, it will add e-mail, contact, jabber (IM/Chat) and calender service. Alternatively you can do so by going to the menu in Tools -> Accounts

Note that eM Client requires seperate CalDAV account if you have multiple calender in Googlee Calender.

Thank you , I think didnt make clear myself. I have a calendar in Local Folders, but this doesnt reflect in Gmail, it looks greyed out, when I go to gmail with browser it doesnt show anything.perhaps I should only work a calendar on gmail to see it in both apps?

yes, you should work with a gmail calendar folder and it will all synchronize all right.

Yes Alex, I would recommended to work only with the Google Calender folder. And untick the tickbox for local calender to avoid view any even from local calender.

On the contrary Gabriel, if this suppose to work than I’m having the same problem as Alex. This has being the case since version 2.7 for me, and I’m also bothered that I cannot select a “Default Calender” as an option in eM Client.

Thank you, I will then build my calendars in GC.

I added default calendar request to our official feature requests list so we will consider it.

Awesome. But you guys should highly consider it. Because it a problem when you use the “New Event” function outside the Google Calender, it only goes to local calender. Also when you put a mail that is not within Gmail folder (My local folder for eg.) into a event/meeting, it also only goes to the local folder.