Since updating to the latest version of emclient I can't get connected to my gmail account any ideas?

I’ve tried system restore but it then say’s can’t open due to the data base being changed by an updated version. So it tries to connect to my Google account every time now and the only way in is to keep cancelling it! 

This is already discussed at

What is your default browser? What system are you using? Are there any antivirus products installed? If you press the “Allow” button, does it ask to open eM Client?

I use Internet Explorer mostly but it was fine before this latest update. Unfortunately I can’t get back to the previous version without restoring the whole computer with an earlier backup. Disabling the anti-virus has no effect. So this update is not as good as it was before and I am only left with one email account now. I can only pick up Gmail through Google. The allow and next button do nothing by the way!

We have tested this with Internet Explorer in different Windows versions, so any additional information would be helpful.

This is how it behaves on my machine when I click the “Allow” button:

Changing the default browser in Windows seems to be a workaround that works for many people (for the duration of the authentication). We would like to get to the bottom of the issue though.