Since Update to Version 9 eM Client crashes by clicking on "Accounts"


every time I open my eM Client since the update to version 9.0.213 an error warning pops up concerning my Google settings. When I click on >>eM Client >> accounts to check the settings, the program crashes instantly - every time.

Does someone experience the same behaviour since the upgrade to 9? What can I do?

Txs in advance,

Suggest to try updating to the latest just released version 9 Beta 2 9.0.506 for Windows and see if that resolves it. See version history page below.

eM Client version history

Failing that, backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” and then uninstall eM Client and “don’t delete the database” on uninstall. Then reinstall eM Client.

Txs for your hint, I’ll try that. Since I’m on Mac, my current version ist the last one, so updating is not possible right now. But the uninstalling-possibility might work.

Besides that, I’m a bit annoyed that my system installed version 9 not labelled as “Beta”, but as a regular, stable version. If I’d have known 9 is beta, I wouldn’t have installed it at all. But that’s not a problem of eM but of my system. :slight_smile:

Ok sorry i thought you you had the Windows version.

Hopefully the new V9 Beta 2 for Mac will be out soon and will fix your issues you are getting. All the current V9 releases on the version history page for Mac also have “Beta” written next to them till officially released.

Definitely send that feedback of current Mac V9.0.213 Beta 1 issues to

Also what Mac OS version do you have ?