SInce Last update AOL Error message appears

Since last update 7.1.33101.0 I keep getting error message “Cannot open folder AOL Mail/Inbox/Deleted Items/”.  How to fix this?

If this is an IMAP account, the best option is to remove the account from eM Client, then add it again.

It is an IMAP account.  I removed the account and added it back.  I get the same error message and now the inbox is EMPTY.  No new mail is being received.  So now the situation is worse.  If I go online or use a different client the inbox and new mail is available.  So what the heck is going wrong?  Bytheway, I have 10 accounts and the issue is only with AOL mail account

It is possible the settings are incorrect, and that is why it is not syncing with the AOL server. But then that would not explain why you are getting the message from the server saying it could not open the specific folder.

Some things you could try include disabling your anti-virus and then try again. You can also check the settings in Menu > Tools > Accounts. Click on the IMAP tab and make sure you have port 993 and the security policy should be Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy).

You can also check that Special Folders are set to automatically be detected.

If that does not change anything, then go to Menu > Tools > Operations and find the full error message. It would be useful if you could post it here. 

It appears that the AOL mail account is now working correctly and it was not because of an error in the settings.  I believe it was because of the error that it could not create an “Inbox/Deleted Items” folder when retrieving emails.  I checked the folder from the AOL website and there was a “Deleted Items” folder, but not as a subfolder to “Inbox”.   I checked the “Deleted Items” folder and it was empty.  I deleted an email which did not appear in the “Deleted Items” folder, but it appeared in the “Trash” folder.  Therefore I deleted the “Deleted Items” folder from the website and from EM Client.  Now I am no longer getting the error message and the inbox is working properly.  So now the question is where, when, and how did the “Deleted Items” folder appear.  I use the web-based AOL email rarely and I did not create the problematic folder.  Presumably, it was created from the last update since that is when the error started and I have not created such a folder.  I would like to know if there are any other EM Client users with a similar problem with an AOL email account.

Happy you got it sorted.

Do you maybe have another device connected to the same account? Sometimes you see another application or phone app creating a folder like this.

I do have a mail client on a tablet for the same accounts except for gmail.  All of the accounts have been working fine with the tablet.  Mostly I use the tablet to retrieve mail and on occasions use it to send short emails.  I am certain that the bogus folder was not created from the tablet’s email app.

You will be sure the next time you delete a message on the tablet.

You are correct.  Just deleted some AOL email from the tablet and the folder is back.  The good news is that the AOL account is still working with EM Client…go figure. :-/

There is definitely a problem with AOL accounts and it is not with the emclient AOL setting (IMAP port 993, TLS legacy) .  You can see this by running another working email client (Foxmail) that has no problem accessing the AOL email.  Once you do that and within minutes of updating AOL with the working Foxmail, the emclient no longer has problem with the AOL server.

I would rather not use Foxmail, but it works every time accessing AOL while the last two versions of emclient would fail nearly every time.  I would rather not use AOL either, but that is something I have to support.

If it is the recent versions that are a problem, you can always downloadand install an earlier version. 

Thank you.  It would be great if emclient lets you run or switch different versions side by side without reinstalling, or even a legacy version 6 next to the latest version 7.  The most recent version 6 has no problem with AOL.

With close versions you can uninstall one and install the other without affecting your database. However, version 6 and 7 use different database formats, so it is not possible to use the same one between them.  If your data is synced with a server, then you will only lose your settings, templates etc. by deleting the database. Otherwise it is no great thing to uninstall one and install the other.