Since last update: After eM Client was started Windows 10 Apps do not open at all until reboot

When I start eM client on the PC Windows 10 apps no longer start at all. Even if I close eM Client the apps do not open. When I restart the computer the apps open again normally but once I have again opened eM client they no longer open.

Hello Julian,

We’re sorry that you experience problems with your computer, but what you’re describing can’t be caused by eM Client. We’d suggest scanning your computer for viruses and having it checked in service.


Hi Maurice,

thank you for the reply.
Well its also hard for me to see how the one thing can effect the other but I am 100 % sure it is related.
It never happened before, started directly after the last update of eM client and if you read my initial post it is very reproducible. The apps work fine after startup and also all other programs (Chrome etc. work normal and don’t cause problems) but the moment I start em Client the problem is (always/reproducibly) there.
I do virus scans very frequently and I feel expert enough to have no need for support.
And honestly, which support should I ask? Windows? They will tell me that its not their problem since it is caused by another program. Some general computer support? I don’t think they will do more than reinstalling everything and after it did not help formating the hard drive and starting from scratch.

Anyway, I will see if I can find a solution and if not will unfortunately need to move to another mail client (and stop advertising eM client to my friends).


If it were me, I I would uninstall and reinstall eM Client.

Hello Julian,

So everything works fine if you uninstall eM Client? If that is the case, it is extremely strange and resolving the issue would unfortunately be far beyond the possibilities of Free support.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience in any case,