Simply the best

I’ve tried at least 20 email programs including Outlook 2010 (since Microsoft took Outlook Express away in Win 7 and I hate Win live mail), and NONE even compare to the quality and usefulness of eM Client. By the way, Outlook Express was a workhorse, and I totally loved it. the functionality was second to none. I would now use eM Client over Outlook Express. I just love it. I even paid for the full version just to support the developer’s efforts. I’m a home user and could have just used the Free version. eM allows for lots of very thought out tweaking which Outlook Express did (but eM is much more robust). I got Outlook 2010 with my Office package and it was very cumbersome and filled with bugs. One bug is that the auto complete when entering an email address in a new message, sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t. I have not found one bug in eM client. Try it, I’m positive you will love it!

I love it already and I haven’t even gotten it installed yet.

Robert McGinnis