I have Silver light on my system but the License Manager seems not to recognize that it is there and keeps asking for me to install it.  When I do, I get a message saying that it is already installed but will not allow access to the license manager. Tech support tells me they are moving to a new license manager but don’t seem to be able to get a reply to my inquire about when the new system will be available

Is there a work around for this issue…??

I have had two system bricked by Windows 10 updates and now my Em client on my laptop is running in demo mode soon to expire. I do hope version 7 addresses the license manager issue!!

Hi Kyle,
Silverlight is a Microsoft product and they cut all support for other browsers, so the only way to use it is through Internet Explorer. (it really must be IE, not Edge or any other browser).
Or are you having trouble accessing the manager even through IE?


Hello, Yes, only Internet Explorer allows access to EM Client license manager! Kind regards.